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Singing like cat and dog

In a magical forest, in the countryside of Ceará, a talented dog acclaimed as a singer is adored by all the animals. However, when a wild cat crosses his path, his life is changed forever. Amid this journey of discovery, this engaging story explores themes such as humility and the consequences of arrogance. Get ready for an exciting adventure full of valuable lessons that will last a lifetime.

Author: Mariana Martins

Illustrator: Bela Pinheiro

Publisher: Ases da Literatura

Year: 2024

1 Chegada do Tião_NEWSLETTER.jpg
2 Show.jpg
3 Xavier.jpg
4 Plateia4.jpg
1 Chegada do Tião_mockup.jpg
2 Poção_mockup.jpg
storyboard_de repente como cão e gato.jpg
Estudo_Tião com roupa.jpg
Estudo_Xavier 2.jpg
Estudo_Bicharada_com roupa.jpg
processo chegada do tião.gif


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