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In this work, I propose a remake of one of the brazilian folklore legends: O Negrinho do Pastoreio. Personal project of folk scenes with a concept application on book cover.

Oil pastel on kraft paper

42 cm x 60 cm

Negrinho do Pastoreio _2020 MENOR 2.jpg
Mockup_livro fechado.jpg

The essential elements were kept: the black boy, on the horse, holding the candle. However, there are some modifications to the original legend.

First, the presence of another religious figure: instead of Our Lady, the orisha Oxum. This choice is due to the symbolic representation of Afro-Brazilian religiosity to the detriment of the original image of the Euro-Catholic tradition.

Second, in the background, the favela as a historical permanence of subalternity. Furthermore, the lack of knowledge about the character's real name can be understood as a sign of what Achille Mbembe calls Necropolitics. For this reason, I wished to find the name of the protagonist of the legend and entitled the work "The boy Akin" (name of Yoruba-Nigerian origin which means "brave, hero").


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